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Final Donjazy have revealed why he is still single in his 40s upon his wealth and his status.



A prominent public figure,that have helped thousands of upcoming artist to there easiest way up have  so many times criticised,as he is aging without even budgeting marriage in his year to year achievements. Some even went to the extent to allege him as a ritualist,while some tagged it as how celebrities do,that they dont get married extend they just have baby mama’s.

So today he took time to quote them all wrong by telling his life story about how he once married when he was 20 years and he was blessed with a precious wife with a beautiful heart and physically gorgeous but Donjazy stated that he redirected his intention more to his musical dreams which literally destroyed his marriage to the extent that it lead to divorce.He rounded it up as he stated that he still love his music and that is why he dont want to involve himself in any other relationship which he might fuck it up again.


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