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Dont leave your husband if he cheats like white women,We have different norms from them,Pete Edoche advices married Nigeria woman.(video)



Pete Edoche popularly known by his Title name Ogadagidi recently deployed his elderly wisdom to advise married Nigeria women on the aspect of leaving your husband because he cheated on you like how western women do.He used king Solomon as example who had 300 wives and 700 concubine which literally means side chicks just the name cocubine too beautify it,he said women with cheating husband they should not leave them.He made it clear to married women especially in Nigeria that divorce can never resolve in marital conflict no matter what instead you are exposing your beloved home to destruction.Instead of leaving your husband because he cheated when he is leaving home and is very obvious that he is going to cheat just put a packet of condom in his pocket and Psychologically he is gonna think that this woman have interest in me,if it his intention.


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