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No man in his right senses will marry a woman that is 30 years and above,a man advices.



A south African Vlogger Shadaya Knight by name took time to put it in a statistic analysis on how is not favourable for  a young man to marry a woman that is 30 years or above.He started simplifying the fact by stating that for a woman to be 30 years and she is not married, she might be part of sexual experiences for over 12 plus years which automatically makes her not fit for marriage anymore. Come to think of it ,if she started her relationship life when she was 18 years,  there is a very great possibility that she have sleept with many men as she jumps from one relationship to another,and in this aspect you that is in the position to marry her dont even know the number of men who have been with her before you.So such woman is only acceptable to widowers,men over 40 and above or polygamy family, where the husband married more than one wife.

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