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Go and marry you father needs grandchildren not G-wagon and house a man blast linda ikeji



A renowned blogger and online sensational by name Linda ikeji was insulted drastically for  giving her father G-wagon 2022 model worth of 55 million and a new luxurious house instead of grandchildren. Who does that in this our country, if i were him i wil never accept.Austine Ejeke was so disturbed to the extent that he was like asking linda whether she have her person D**k and husband who will give your father genuine grandson.He concluded it with Linda ikeji why……🤣🤣🤣

But this life no balance ohhh,if one dont have money and gets married it automatically becomes a problem, okay if a man or a woman is a millionaire and don’t have a husband or wife it becomes a problem again. 🤣


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