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Am not streaming any shit not until you bring back your brother, a man slams Mr P’s album and not quite long Mr P replied him.



Prodigal Album  crooner by name Mr P who was among the psquare, the twin brothers that made our childhood beautiful, have long time ago splits and decided not to come back in the psquare unity ever again. Fans have made it a very day obligations to make it possible for them to come back but it seems is not working, recently a fan by name Phery went to the extent of publicly announcing that he will never stream his newly released album not until he makes amend with his brother Rude boy.Mr P picked the comment and was like telling all his fans that keep on pushing there trials towards making there unionism work again that it can never be possible as he captioned, “stop drinking panadol on another man’s problem,we have moved already, why cant you understand the simple explanations. So he never stopped there as he proceeded telling the guy in question that his album concert tickets have been sold,which over 100 people bought them,and called himself Igbo business man.


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